Sarah Dorweiler & Gerald Reimertz are a husband and wife team, based in Berlin, working worldwide with a huge range of clients from freelancers to global brands.

Gerald is an expert of transforming an idea to a great vision and macroscopic strategy people love to identify with and work for to make it a valuable business. He has been working as a consultant since 2013, with the focus on Personal Development, Strategy and Vision, Valued-based Leadership and Mastering Growth. Over the past years they have founded several companies and automated them so well, that they both do not have to work actively for their money anymore.

Sarah has a high sense of aesthetics and loves it to place the focus on the details of a design. She assures that the visual communication of a brand or project is consistent, aesthetic and represents the companies core values in the highest-quality. Since 2010 she has worked with renowned real estate and design agencies worldwide and has managed to satisfy even their most discerning customers.


Vision and Strategy, Valued based Leadership, Structures and Systems, Visual Communication, Consistency and Mood


Honesty, Loyality, Independence, Freedom, Respect, Punctuality